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Apr 28

I’m sure I’ll catch up someday…

I’m SO far behind, thanks primarily to a week in Perth. There, I had a wonderful time at Swancon/NatCon (where I sat on my first panel ever and did a reading from Debris) and had an equally wonderful time doing holiday-related things with the husband. I have photos (mainly of quokkas) and a HUGE pile …

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Nov 21

A full (and at times crazy) weekend

I’ve done a lot of sleeping this afternoon, and I don’t feel guilty. Not in the least. Because this weekend has been full, and at times crazy. It all started Friday morning, with a strange squeaking noise in my car. While the noise had been there, in the background, for a few days it had …

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Jan 26

Back from the Aurealis Awards

Sadly, ‘Dragon Bones’ did not win. But regardless, I had a fantastic time. This was my first AA ceremony and what fun it was! The organisers put together a wonderful audio-visual display and read excerpts from some older Aussie spec-fic novels and stories in between each┬ácategory. All-round an inspiring showcase of Aussie spec-fic awesomeness. The …

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Dec 02


I’m gearing up for the next revision of Debris and have been thinking a lot about how this stage feels. This might make me sound like a crazy person but I’ve been searching for the right metaphor. A bit like taking a very deep breath. A bit like setting out on a long journey. Neither …

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