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Sep 19

Dictionary fun

Beta-Reader n 1. An awesome, amazing person who gives freely of their time, energy and expertise to read anything from a short story to a novel (sometimes more than once) and give valuable feedback 2. An awesome, amazing person who raises tricky, interesting questions to which I currently have no answers (but I’m sure we’ll …

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Jul 04

Guest bloggings are a-happening

To celebrate the release of her newest book, the wonderful Nicole Murphy is hosting a series of guest blogs over on her site. They’re all on the theme of ‘Dreams and Fulfilment’ — and I’m really curious to see what all the different authors make of the topic! Kevin J Anderson has started theĀ proceedings beautifully. …

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Mar 20

Random updates on the state of things

Debris is starting to feel like OMG, this might actually be a real book! I’ve seen sketches of the cover (a cover! REAL books have those!) and a few people around the place have been reading it and saying some nice things. One of them even rambled nice things about it at Galactic Suburbia a …

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Jan 11

Just before I disappear…

Excited to see the Aussies taking over Robot land, with news that Trent Jamieson has signed with Angry Robot Books! And now I’m off for a week with these people to write and write and write! No internet or mobile phone access though — I just hope it doesn’t turn into something out of the …

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Dec 29

Adventures in research land

Today was a day full of adventure, research and walking. LOTS of walking. Because the new book — still without title and not quite yet ready to be written — is set in Sydney, I decided some Sydney-based research was in order. After all, I want a good clear picture of what the post-apocalyptic version …

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