Aug 01

Gardening post

The wonderful Rabia Gale has been pestering harassing gently reminding me to post some more gardening photos. So here we are :)

The garden is coming along. It’s slowed down by my lack of money and dedicated gardening time, but it has turned out to be a wonderful hobby, getting me out into the sunshine, fresh air, and away from the desk. I’ve even grown and eaten my own broccoli, radishes and coriander (so far).

The plants on the balcony upstairs are going great guns. We have lettuce and pak choy:

Rocket and tomatoes:

And flowers, flowers everywhere! So delicate — and unfortunately hard to do justice in a photo with this camera:

Downstairs I set up two no-dig gardens for veggies. So far they haven’t achieved very much, except a LOT of pea plants — the joy of organic pea straw. But here you can see snow peas in amidst all the straw. They seem to be doing well, despite being stepped on, dug up and chewed by the dog.

And in a pot on the patio downstairs: more veggies, more flowers, oh my!

And my ever-present helper :)

So there we go. The garden as it currently stands.

I find myself quite in awe of seeds. The little dry things — some of them so tiny you can hardly see them — become beautiful green plants which grow and grow, and create flowers and food! Seeds are amazing. That is all.


  1. Rabia

    Lovely! Gardening can be so much fun!

  2. j-a brock

    lovely to see your garden grow! i spent today pruning myself. nice relief to writing.

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