Feb 25

Quick post about a review

What more do you need to know? Found a review of Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror Vol 3 at Dark Scribe Magazine the other day, one that actually mentions ‘Trail of Dead’. Considering the extremely high calibre of stories in this antho, I’m stoked to get a mention:

Joanne Anderton also ventures into Romero territory with “Trail of Dead.” Anderton’s tale works thanks to its unique mix of characterization and action, and because it ventures out of typical zombie lore to include witchcraft.

That’s me, mixing it all up! Or something… :)


  1. j-a brock

    hey that’s wierd – i just bought that book today! Couldn’t resist when i saw ‘joanne anderton’ in the list of credits on the back cover!

  2. Graham Storrs

    You get lots of good reviews, Joanne. Now why do you think that is?


  3. Joanne

    Thanks you guys :)

    And yay to hear that, j-a!

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