Jul 12

Instead of disturbing my hard working writing buddies…

…I’ll write a blog post. Aren’t I kind.


Hit a small stumbling block today. We’re at ‘the beginning of the end’ of the novel, and today I was writing one of those big moments. You know the kind. Main character’s in a tight spot, OMG we’re all doomed, then something happens. Something that changes the game.

Except, I’m just not happy with it. And I tried to push on — this is a first draft and it can be patchy, after all. But nope, writerly brain did that cat thing — hackles raised, all the legs out — when you’re trying to shove them into the carrier to take them to the vet. It Would. Not. Go. On.

So, tomorrow evening my task will be to go back over that scene, and make it work. Doesn’t have to be polished and perfect, but certainly less with the wishy-washy, more with the making of sense. But right now, I’m going to do something completely different.


  1. Miquela

    Oy, I’m feeling you on this one. We are in the same boat. *waves to Jo up there in the crows-nest*

  2. Rabia

    Hey, I was hoping you’d be around to distract me last evening. I ended up photocopying samples for about 40 minutes instead. 😛

    Yeah, sometimes it’s better to back away slowwwwwly from the book and go do something else for a bit. That’s one of the reasons I can never write straight through for hours on end. My brain just needs time to sort things out.

  3. Joanne

    Thanks guys! The plan is to fix this section tonight. Wish me luck 😀

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