Jul 31

Massage Therapy

Good for knotted backs, and knotted plot problems.


Well, that’s it. First draft done.

I’m not 100% sure about the ending, and I have a few pages worth of notes to start revision with, but I think (hope?) that most of it is in pretty good nick. What did I learn from his novel? Well, the most important thing is that if I know June is going to be a busy month at work, I shouldn’t plan to finish writing a novel during that month. Because guess what, it didn’t happen. *headdesk*

Right now I’m going to do something completely different. For a little while, at least.


  1. Miquela

    Hoooooray! *raises hand to beta read*

  2. Joanne

    YAY! *takes you up on the offer*

  3. Rabia


    Good going. 😀

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