Apr 07

Debris has cover art!

I’m trying very hard not to jump up and down in an extremely undignified manner about this. So if you see any such undignified jumping happening in this blog post, please feel free to sit me down and hand me a nice cup of tea.

Debris has cover art. Can I say that again? Debris has cover art! And I love it deeply. Can you see why?

Debris cover art

*drinks that tea*

Artist Dominic Harman has done the most amazing job. I love Tanyana’s expression here. I love the half-built hand of Grandeur curling up around her. I love the city of Movoc-under-Keeper shining in the distance. I’m so thrilled.

Soon, it will have words on it. Two of those words will be my name. Eeep!

I think I’m going to need more tea!

My Robot Overlords are also talking about it over here, though with less tea.


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  1. Rabia




  2. Joanne

    That is TOTALLY my reaction!

  3. Marianne

    Gorgeous, Jo. Perfect.

  4. Belinda

    If I were in your place it’d have to be decaff tea or I’d be through the roof.

  5. Jason Fischer

    That is so cool! Congrats on the gorgeous artwork :-)

  6. Adam Christopher

    That looks super-duper. SUPER-DUPER!

  7. Joanne

    Thanks everyone! I love it, I’m so very excited about it! :)

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