Jun 26

In which I have a pretty awesome couple of days

So, yesterday I won the Australian Horror Writer’s Association short story competition. ‘Always a Price’ is a nasty little story about a nasty little cat. It’s an idea that’s been *ahem* clawing away at me for a little while, and I’m glad to see it do well. Congrats to the other winners and honourable mentions, and thank to the judges and organisers! You know, the first story I ever put out into the world placed third in the AWHA Flash Fiction competition. So somehow, this feels… right.

And today… SUITED is out in the US! Amazon says ‘In Stock’ so I figure that’s just got to make it official. Happy US birthday book two. Next week you will travel to the UK!


  1. Rabia

    Woohoo! Congrats on the win. :)

  2. Philip Anderton (Dad)

    Now let me see.. A nasty cat.. I WONDER where that one came from *walks deftly around Navi hissing and clawing at his feet*

    1. Joanne

      Poor Navi. She really is very nice, you know…

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