Jul 02

The inspiration for The Bone Chime Song

I’m hanging out with the lovely Sue Bursztynski over at her website The Great Raven, chatting about the inspiration for The Bone Chime Song. This is part of a series she’s running for Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear, and it’s fascinating to read about the different stories in the anthology and where they all came from. The editors Edwina Harvey and Simon Petrie also join in.

In case you’re interested, I totally blame yoga and my complete inability to meditate…

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  1. Sue Bursztynski

    Aw, thanks for the “lovely”! :-) Your post was great. And if your readers want the chance to read your story and the others for free, PBB is running a giveaway comp on the Raven for an ebook copy. Sorry for the advertising here, but so far no takers ! Plenty of visits, but no one has responded yet. So anyone who does is in with a chance. :-)

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