Feb 28

Because awesome stories are awesome

I’m doing my fannish duty. I’m making a list of works from 2012 that I enjoyed reading, and nominating them for the Ditmar awards. Why? Because I can. And because awesome stories are awesome, and they deserve it. And then, when there’s a shortlist, I’m gonna vote! Same reason.

So if you can nominate and vote, you should totally do it. Because awesome stories are awesome.

(other people have said it better, but that’s my version and I’m sticking to it!)

The nomination form and eligibility rules are here.

When award time comes around I’m always grateful to authors who post a list of their eligible works. Because a year’s a long time, right, and you read a lot over a year, right? And I’d hate to miss anything just because my memory’s not what it used to be. So, in the spirit of memory prompting, here’s my list:


Suited (The Veiled Worlds 2) from Angry Robot Books

Short stories:

“The Bone Chime Song” in Light Touch Paper Stand Clear, Peggy Bright Books

“Sanaa’s Army” in Bloodstones, Ticonderoga Publications

“High Density”, in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #53

“Tied to the Waste” in Tales of the Talisman, Volume VII, Issue 3

“A memory trapped in light” in Epilogue, FableCroft Publishing

“Always A Price” in Midnight Echo 8.

“Luminaire” in From Stage Door Shadows, eMergent Publishing

There’s a giant list of eligible works here too!

So go forth and nominate if you can, and always celebrate awesome stories. :)

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