Mar 21

Aurealis Awards!

Thanks to internet and computer troubles I’m running a bit late with this news! But you know, it’s still exciting. So, the finalists for the Aurealis Awards have been announced and I’m on there… three times! Eeep.

I’m SO excited to see Suited shortlisted for the best science fiction novel award! This makes me especially happy, because Debris was shortlisted for best fantasy, and that makes me feel like a proper little genre bender 😀

‘Sanaa’s Army’ has turned out to be the little story that could, being shortlisted for TWO awards – best fantasy short story and best horror short story!

Congrats to everyone who was shortlisted! There are some amazing names on that press release and I’m honoured (and a little stunned) to be on there with them. The award night is going to be such fun, and I hope to see everyone there. Cheers! *clink*

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